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Oz-Terrain Jacket

The Lamellar oZterrain Jacket is a versatile performance hunting jacket, ideal for diverse terrain and conditions often subjected to Australian hunters. It features two weather resistant zippered hand-warmer pockets and a CF zip chin protector flap. With a stitch-less top shoulder design you can be certain that this jacket will keep you dry: water will not penetrate through the most vulnerable area to rain.

Furthermore, the oZ terrain jacket is engineered from ProACT Micro Shell fabric technology so you remain both deadly and silent while hunting in the Australian outdoors.


Pursuit Jacket

The Lamellar Pursuit jacket will never compromise your comfort and protection, even in extreme weather conditions, and is engineered to enhance your overall hunting performance.

This hooded jacket is a highly functional jacket designed for hardcore hunters. It features massive cargo pockets to carry shells and bullets and a variety of added comfort benefits. This includes a detachable hood, ventilation zippers, a raised neck and tail weather protection.