Australia’s camouflage boat has arrived with ‘LAMELLAR’

Sydney, 8th of March 2011 – Lamellar, Australia’s performance hunting clothing and accessories provider partners with a leading figure in Australasia’s boating and fishing scene, Rick Huckstepp to create the ‘LAMELLAR’ ContraCAM camouflage series boat.

From 1986, Rick has managed a fishing charter business in Australia’s Northern Territory and has since earned a couple of records in fly rod fishing. He is a past world record holder for dogtooth tuna on fly rod and currently holds the Australian fly rod record for giant trevally.

As a reputable fishing and boating expert, Rick also enjoys assisting property owners, farmers and state councils from across the country with feral animal control through his hunting trips. After extensive years of experience in the wider wilderness of Australia and the South Pacific, Rick acknowledges the importance of high quality products for both his boating and hunting passions and the difference this can make to enhance his overall outdoors experience.

He reviews a number of performance hunting clothing product offers but finally decided to choose Lamellar for not only as the selected choice of weather protective apparel when he is out hunting and fishing, but also the choice of camouflage pattern to create his new masterpiece, the ‘LAMELLAR’ ContraCAM camoulflage series boat.

Rick explains his decision, “What caught my eye when looking at the vast array of camouflage gear at my local gun shop was the Lamellar camouflage gear. Not that it stood out from the rest but it had an interesting pattern with 3D intensity in its background reflection. The pattern was not only effective but it was visually appealing”.

Not long after his exposure to the Australian designed camouflage pattern, Rick soon partnered with Lamellar, Cross X Country Boats and Ron Meddings ( to begin the LAMELLAR boat project.

The scope of the new boat project was directed by Rick’s demand for convenience, durability and excellence in finish. He comments “when deciding on a boat to take on my adventures I had to look for a light weight product as it was to be easily loaded and unloaded on to the ‘Flip N Easy’ boat loader fitted to my Mitsubishi Pajero.”

“The 3.7 metre ‘Cross X Country’ boat weighs around 20 kilograms lighter than an aluminum dinghy with a length of 3.4 metres. I was sold from a boating materials technology and construction aspect, but having been adverse to painting boats due to the way I treat them in so many environments; I went the extra mile and decided on a Lamellar ContraCAM finish”.

Once the decision was made, Rick decided to call on Ron Meddings from to apply the Lamellar ContraCAM and ContraCAM Fade wrap to the boat.

Ron possesses extensive experience in the sign and sign wrap industry and has successfully completed multiple award winning projects from boats to trailers to cars from all parts of Australia.

By applying his masterful skills, Ron laminates the original ContraCAM camo pattern on one side of the stern and carefully applies the lighter ContraCAM Fade camo on the other side of the stern for maximum visual appeal. He then applies the finishing touches to Rick Huckstepp’s new masterpiece ‘LAMELLAR’ the name of the boat.

Lamellar is now proud to announce the first Australian camouflage boat to hit our waters. Rick concludes, “I’m very impressed with the finish on the boat and the overall outcome of the project, the LAMELLAR boat looks stunning and is a real eye catcher!”