Lamellar is a company that prides itself on designing and developing fit for purpose technical apparel for the specialised hunter. They have successfully developed a unique layering system that will withstand the rigors of the South Pacific yet still allow comfort and climate control across all temperatures from snow capped mountains to desert heat.

We have gone over a number of these exciting garments from Lamellar’s Altitude Layering System (ALS) in previous editorials and now we are going to look at their Merino Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt and Bottoms. This is the principal next to skin garment used for warmth and comfort and there is no better material for this task then ultra-fine merino wool. These merino products are available in a long sleeve crew neck top and thermal pant in either black or olive drab green.

The long sleeve thermal top is manufactured from the ultra-fine micron Active Merino Wool Technology fabric and it is designed as a form fitted garment to offer maximum assistance with regulation of body climate. Merino fibre’s trap air released from the body and this is one of the primary reasons that you will remain comfortable when wearing Lamellar’s Merino Thermal series products in cold climates. Merino is lightweight, soft against the skin, keeps the hunter cool on hot days and warm in single digit temperatures.

One of the best features of merino is its ability to breathe, allowing the body to stay dry, which results in very little body odour after wearing the base layer for an extended period of time. The advantages of scent control when in the field are certainly appreciated by the hunter wearing Active Merino Wool technology.

Lamellar’s Merino Thermal leggings compliment the top and their contoured design will allow the hunter to hike all day without restriction whilst delivering lower body thermal regulation. They offer good length to the leg with their cut and this is important as full protection from the elements keeps the hunter safe and comfortable. A lot of hunters are in tune with how critical it is to layer both the top and bottom correctly and there is no better start then a pair of Merino Thermals from Lamellar. A number of keen backpacking hunters we know take in two pairs of merino base layers, one to hunt in and the other to sleep in and wear around camp. This is a good set up as you will always have a spare pair in the evening to ensure comfort at camp.


Lamellar’s Altitude Layering System (ALS) will offer you all the protection a hunter will ever need. The layers works in synergy with each other and all over the South Pacific, hunters have been testing Lamellar’s new range and everybody has given it a big tick of approval.

From the advancement of materials used to the quality of manufacture, the new range from Lamellar will surely become the benchmark for affordable technical clothing designed by hunters for hunters.

For more information on Lamellar’s Merino thermal top and bottoms; or any products from the Altitude Layering System you can visit The company can be contacted on (02) 9516 2575 or via email through Retail and customer enquiries welcome