Article courtesy of the ‘Big Game Australia’ magazine, Issue 13

There is no doubt that every hunter who heads into the bush needs a quality waterproof yet breathable outer shell jacket or coat in his or her gear list. There are a lot of variances in the design, manufacture, performance and cut of waterproof garments and hunters should ensure that they own a technical garment which is fit for purpose for hunting in their specific terrain and environment.

We have been working our way through Lamellar’s new and exciting altitude layering system and with Winter upon us it’s time to look at their designated bombproof Storm Shell Outer Wear.

Both the Storm Shell Jacket and Storm Shell Coat have a ton of features that position it at the top of the list that a hunter can purchase. Lamellar engineered these jackets specifically for the active hunter and as a result, Lamellar exposed these jackets to serious abuse and testing in high altitude conditions, across all four seasons prior to receiving the tick of approval to release the Storm Shell series to the market.


The Storm Shell Jacket and Coat are manufactured from Lamellar’s proprietary fabric technology, the ProACT Hard Shell fabric. ProACT Hard Shell delivers the highest levels of waterproof protection and breathable performance to ensure the hunter remains warm, dry and comfortable even in the most inhospitable conditions. In addition, the fabric delivers exceptional durability and is designed to reduce sound with its unique finish that is designed specifically for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

ProACT Hard Shell delivers the highest levels of waterproof and breathable performance from the unique PTFE membrane technology that is normally found in the premium range of ski wear and mountaineering outer wear garments.

To support this bombproof fabric technology, Lamellar has applied a three layer, defence rainwear grade seam tape to prevent water penetration through any seam stitches from the hood to the hem. This is an area that lets many waterproof jackets down as many competitors settle for a 2 layer option which deteriorates quickly after a couple of uses and wash cycles. We’re glad that Lamellar has applied fortified seam sealing protection that will not fail on the Lamellar Storm Shell series in support of their high performance fabric technology used in these garments.

The Storm Shell Jacket design is a standard waist length rain jacket and the Storm Shell Coat is a ¾ length rain coat design that many traditional hunters demand.

Features includes a dual protection storm flap, dirt resistant adjustable cuffs, underarm ventilation zippers, a high neck collar and a size adjustable hood to ensure maximum head protection.

Both the Storm Shell Jacket and Storm Shell Coat offer the same bombproof protection against the extreme weather elements often exposed to hunters.

The Storm Shell Series are available in Lamellar’s ContraCAM and ContraCAM Fade camouflage patterns and are also available in Olive Drab Green for general outdoor use.

The team at Lamellar have spent a considerable amount of time in the Southern Alps hunting Tahr and Chamois wearing the Storm Shell series and they have put them through insane conditions looking for weak points in the garment. Reporting back with a big thumbs up, the Storm Shell jacket and coat is reflective of the R&D that went into the entire new range of Lamellar Altitude Layering System and the massive advancements that have been made with performance hunting clothing.

Hunters in many places have worn and tested out Lamellar products. From Africa, to North America and all over the South Pacific, hunters who gain an edge wearing Lamellar have harvested trophies. They have realised that technical garments give them confidence on the hunt, let them stay out in the field longer and certainly provide better protection against four season climates.

For more information on Lamellar Storm Series and the entire Altitude range of products you can visit, the company can be contacted on (02) 9516 2575 or via email through Retail and customer enquiries are welcome.