Horsley Park Gun Shop co-owner, Dave Abela field tests Lamellar to the extreme in New Zealand

Sydney, 27th of October 2010 – In his latest hunting adventure, Horsley Park Gun Shop co-owner, Dave Abela travelled to Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand in search for Chamois goat and the popular NZ game, Tahr.

As one of the largest firearms and accessory retail stores in Australia, Dave Abela makes the most of his free time available, to enjoy his favourite sport, hunting. Dave explains “I used to do a lot of camping with the family but in the past 5 years I’ve developed a strong passion for hunting and have since hunted in various locations including Africa, New Zealand and the Northern Territory of Australia”.

Hunting adventures not only allow Dave to participate in his beloved sport, but it provides an opportunity to field trial and test the products that Horsley Park Gun Shop represent and sell to their large customer base all across Australia.

On his latest New Zealand hunting trip, the perfect opportunity arose to test out Lamellar’s base layer EcoACTive thermal shirt and the Blitz outer layer gear in ContraCAM camouflage against Lamellar’s claims of layering protection, durability and hunting effectiveness.

The extreme winter weather conditions often associated with the mountainous regions of Wanaka proved to be the perfect testing ground against Lamellar’s protective performance functions. Dave reminisces “the weather was very cold and on some days it was well below freezing temperatures and we were subjected to very strong rain”.

Dave wasted no time before the field test begun. From the initial helicopter drop off at the start of the hunt, the wind breaking performance of the ProACT fabric and the Blitz jacket and pants were tested. “We were subjected to approximately double the wind force from the helicopter blades and the Blitz gear kept me nice and protected despite the abnormal wind forces pounding my body”.

Over the next couple of days, Dave’s hunt through the mountains, thick shrubs and rough New Zealand setting put the gear through its real test. “I soon approached a thick thistle bush and instead of walking around it, I purposely hiked though it to test the ProACT fabric used in the Blitz gear against its durable claims. It performed great and there was not even a hint of wear and tear after tormenting it through the spiky and prickly bush.”

Dave proceeded with further tests of durability to reinforce its consistent performance “I gave the Blitz gear a good beating and even rolled through sharp rocks and mud, but still the gear showed no signs of wear and tear and to add to the insult, it looked as new after washing it.”

Not only did Lamellar prove to be durable but it also proved to be made from high quality materials with excellent workmanship. The Lamellar gear was soon to be put to the test in terms of functional performance. Dave recalls, “On one of the days in the trip it was absolutely pouring down rain and I was sure to get wet, but as the rain drenched the ground I remained dry, protected and comfortable with Lamellar’s waterproof/breathable Blitz jacket and pants”. The result resonated into Dave’s hunting experience as the performance of the gear allowed Dave to remain focused on mounting the gun for the ducks in the dam without the concerns of becoming wet, clammy and uncomfortable.

Lamellar outer wear hunting apparel not only boasts waterproof and breathable performance, but it also features a silent finish to ensure that your hunting adventure is not jeopardised from noise. Dave soon recognised this feature in his report. “One of the outstanding features with Lamellar gear is that it is very quiet in comparison to their competitor products. This says to me that the gear is really built for hunters and not just a typical outdoorsman”.

Dave expressed his satisfaction from his latest hunting trip with a display of hunting photos and stories and his experience with Lamellar’s hunting apparel products. “I would strongly recommend a trip to Wanaka, South Island of New Zealand for your next hunting destination as does many other tourist trophy hunters and I would highly recommend Lamellar gear after experiencing firsthand the performance of their products in the field”.

But Dave Abela did voice one complaint in his summary. “Why doesn’t Lamellar release this product in solid colours for everyday use?”

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