Lamellar announces the release of performance clothing designed for Aussie hunters

Sydney, 11th of August 2009 – Lamellar, the newly founded 100% Australian owned company dedicated to provide Australian hunters and shooters with world class innovation and functional clothing and accessory products are proud to announce its first product launch in Winter 2009.

Initially established in February 2008, Lamellar’s vision is to be able to provide all hunters and shooters in Australia with high quality, functional and innovative products specifically for the hunting and shooting community in Australia. The company has spent the first 12 months of their business life investing heavily into product research and development and testing.

Marketing Director of Lamellar, Tom Chan explains “We want to be able to provide Australian Hunters and Shooters with products that have been researched, tested and developed specifically for the environment that they’ll be used in.” He continues “Australian climate, humidity levels, temperature levels, industry requirements and even game animal species differ from the rest of the world and that’s why we believe that the market deserves products designed by an Australian company for Australian customers”.

Lamellar’s initial product line launch will consist of a range of innovative clothing products developed for maximum protection and success while hunting in the colder seasons all the way through to mid Spring. Tom explains “Our outerwear gear uses a specially selected fabric which is designed to keep the user comfortable between the temperatures of -4 to 16 degrees Celsius; this allows Aussie hunters and shooters to use our products from late Autumn all the way through to Mid Spring while remaining comfortable and protected”.

The product range comprises of a simple yet effective mix of outer layer, mid layer and base layer clothing products.

    oZterrain series – Entry level waterproof/breathable jacket/pants
    Pursuit series – Highly functional waterproof/breathable jacket/pants
    Xplorer vest – Multi-purpose waterproof/breathable vest
    Eco-active thermal – Quick dry, moisture wicking long sleeve thermal shirt

One of Lamellar’s key competitive advantages is the application of technologies in their product range. Tom explains “We’ve applied the latest in fabric and digital printing processes to the hunting and shooting market so that our customers can enjoy the features of leading outdoor products while taking part in their beloved sport, hunting and shooting”. These technologies include:

    Waterproof rated and breathability rated membrane technology
    Silent, durable and stretchable fabric designed for hunting and outdoor applications
    Functional thermal fabric technology made from ecologically friendly materials
    Australian designed camouflage pattern with 3D imaging effects
    HD printing technology for all ContraCAM product applications

Lamellar’s exciting new product line launch can be found at leading shooting and hunting stores across NSW. So be on the lookout for Lamellar products and support Australia by buying from an Australian company.

Lamellar is currently searching for long term retail partner’s located interstate. If you are interested in stocking high quality, Australian designed and developed hunting and shooting apparel, then please contact me on (02) 9516 2575 or alternatively via email at

About Lamellar

Lamellar represents and provides armour for the hunting enthusiast! From wet swamp land area’s to open forests and dry shrub land, Lamellar is designed to protect you from the harshest conditions in Australia.

We’re clearly focused on the customer with two specific business goals:

    To provide the best protective clothing and equipment for the Australian hunting and shooting enthusiast.
    To improve your hunting adventures with our specially designed camouflage patterns and Australian designed outdoor clothing and equipment.

If you are an Australian hunter and you want hunting results, then Lamellar is for you!

For more information on Lamellar Pty Ltd or Lamellar products, please visit our website at or contact us via email at

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