Lamellar partners with Australia’s leading firearms and ammunition wholesale provider, NIOA

Sydney, 16th of March 2010 – Lamellar, Australia’s specialist performance hunting and shooting clothing provider has announced a strategic distribution alliance with Australia’s leading wholesale provider of firearms, ammunition and accessory products, NIOA.

Since launching into the Australian hunting and shooting apparel industry in August, 2009; Lamellar’s market acceptance has been positive since its inception. “The positive testimonials from the field correspondents, customers as well as professional hunters and reviewers from WA, snowy regions of VIC, inner NSW and all over Australia, reflect the time and resources invested into the research and development of our products” as Tom Chan, Marketing Director of Lamellar explains. “Our products are designed and built for our harsh and unique outdoor environment and this is just one of the factors differentiating Lamellar’s offering from the competitors”.

After a positive season in 2009, Lamellar searched for an effective and efficient distribution model to allow hunters and shooters from all states of Australia to have access to the innovative and technically advanced hunting clothing products of Lamellar. In 2010, Lamellar and NIOA formed an exclusive distribution alliance to execute the distribution strategy.

With its head office and distribution centre located in Brisbane, QLD; NIOA has provided high quality firearms, ammunition and accessories product’s to over 500 retail outlets in every state of Australia. In addition, NIOA employs over 30 full time employees who are committed in providing the best customer service available to the Australian firearms industry.

Tom Chan comments, “NIOA’s world class distribution facility is simply amazing and despite the fact that they’re Australia’s leading wholesale provider of firearms and ammunition, they’re constantly expanding to meet the requests of their customers which is quite encouraging. He adds, “NIOA’s professionalism, customer service reputation and expertise in the Australian and New Zealand firearms industry reinforces our confidence in NIOA as an exclusive long term partner for Lamellar”.

Paul Brent, Sales Manager of NIOA concludes. “We’ve been looking for a product line which offers high quality workmanship, value for money and a simple package that is suitable for our industry; and we’re very confident that we’ve found the right partner”. Paul continues, “The NIOA team is excited about the partnership with Lamellar and by continuing to collect valuable feedback from our customers; we’re looking forward to working side by side with Lamellar to continue to offer an innovative, technically advanced and truly Australian offering to our customers”.

Lamellar’s winter range will be available at leading hunting, firearms and accessory dealers across Australia in the coming weeks. To find the nearest dealer stockist for Lamellar please visit

About Lamellar

Lamellar represents and provides armour for the hunting enthusiast. From wet swamp land area’s to open forests and dry shrub land, Lamellar is designed to protect you from the harshest conditions in Australia.

We’re clearly focused on the customer with two specific business goals:

    1. To provide the best protective clothing and equipment for the Australian hunting and shooting enthusiast.
    2. To improve your hunting adventures with our specially designed camouflage patterns and Australian designed outdoor clothing and equipment.

If you are an Australian hunter and you want hunting results, then Lamellar is for you!

For more information on Lamellar Pty Ltd or Lamellar products, please visit our website at or contact us via email at

About NIOA

NIOA, a company established more than a quarter of a century ago, is now Australasia’s largest privately-owned supplier of small arms, ammunition and related products to the commercial, law enforcement and military markets.

The company has an enviable track record of successfully delivering tens of thousands of small arms and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition to scores of satisfied customers in the private and Government sectors.

As part of NIOA’s commitment to customer service, NIOA employs full time sales representatives to cover Australia and New Zealand and over thirty full time staff at its headquarters in Brisbane, and their other offices in Melbourne and Canberra.

For more information on NIOA please visit our website at

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