Lamellar releases EcoACT bamboo charcoal fabric technology to the hunting industry

Sydney, 4th of May 2010 – Lamellar, Australia’s specialist performance hunting and shooting clothing provider is pleased to announce the successful development and incorporation of the innovative bamboo charcoal fabric technology, EcoACT into its line of products and to offer customers the latest performance enhancing fabric technology to the Australian hunting industry.

EcoACT fabric technology, which stands for Eco-friendly Armoured Comfort Technology, is a highly functional fabric material derived from bamboo charcoal fibres which originates from the plant, Bamboo. As bamboo is the fastest regenerating plant in the world, with full regrowth of a bamboo forest in only 5 – 6 years, this resource proves to be highly sustainable leading to added benefits to the environment.

EcoACT fabric not only carries ‘green’ benefits to the market, but also a variety of performance features that will ensure any hunter, shooter or outdoor enthusiast remains dry and comfortable in any given environment and situation.

Unfortunately for hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts, they are often exposed to fast changing temperatures, humidity levels and a variety of weather conditions, sometimes on a single outing. These changing conditions can lead to the hunter becoming uncomfortable, unfocused and in worst cases ill as a result of volatile body temperatures which spoils the chances of hunting success and an enjoyable outdoor trip.

By thermally regulating the hunters body as an under layer (core) or mid layer (mantle) garment, Lamellar’s EcoACT fabric technology aims to reduce this effect by use of its functional performance properties to ensure the hunter is comfortable and dry in the most extreme conditions so that they can remain focused on the target and eliminate his or her concerns of being uncomfortable in altering climate conditions.

Some benefits of EcoACT fabric technology include:

  • Enhanced comfort – EcoACT carries round fibres and does not have sharp spurs which often cause skin irritation and chaffing in normal performance fabrics.
  • Wicking strength – EcoACT is highly water absorbent (up to 60% more than cotton) to absorb the hunters sweat faster for maximum dryness.
  • Breathable – EcoACT’s yarn has a cross section filled with micro-gaps allowing your bodies sweat to disperse faster and remain cooler in hot and humid conditions.
  • Thermal regulation – the unique porous nature of EcoACT acts as a thermal regulator ensuring maximum warmth in winter and dry and cooling effect in summer.
  • Odour resistant – with its natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, EcoACT will kill odour causing bacteria and reduce the smell released from the body while hunting.
  • UV protection – bamboo charcoal fabrics are known to cut out 98% of harmful UV rays, allowing hunters to enjoy the outdoors without the concern of skin cancer.
  • Anti-static – as bamboo charcoal nano particles are conductive, EcoACT prevents static charge build up even after extensive rubbing in dry conditions while hunters pursue their targets.
  • Hypoallergenic – with its natural organic bamboo fibre property, EcoACT is suitable for those with skin sensitive and allergenic symptom hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

EcoACT fabric technology is currently adopted in Lamellar’s thermal undergarment applications and has proved to be a success since its introduction in Lamellar’s EcoACTive thermal under garment shirt.

John Dunn, SSAA’s Senior Field Correspondent concurs with EcoACT’s performance in his recent review of the Lamellar range, “It feels warm as soon as you put it on – a good indicator of its capacity to fulfill its intended function. It is also warm enough that it can actually be worn as a standalone external garment when conditions demand a reduction of layers to avoid overheating”.

The success of this innovative technology has inspired Lamellar to continue to invest in and develop its EcoACT fabric technology for the hunting and shooting industry. In 2010, Lamellar released the EcoACTive thermal shirt in ContraCAM Fade, the Australian designed, developed and tested camouflage pattern and over the last 8 months, Lamellar has been exploring a number of applications where EcoACT bamboo charcoal technology can be customised and developed into performance hunting apparel wear for the long awaited and much anticipated Lamellar summer line.

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