SYDNEY, 6th of October 2015 – Lamellar, World Class Hunting Apparel announces the launch of Lamellar’s online retail shop ( The online distribution platform provides Australian hunting and outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to conveniently browse Lamellar’s hunting apparel products, functional features and benefits; and size, colour and camouflage options. Most importantly, Lamellar’s online retail platform facilitates customer orders to be processed securely and efficiently at the convenience of their homes.

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Lamellar’s Marketing Director, Tom Chan comments “the aim of the Lamellar online retail shop is to improve the customer experience of Australia’s hunting and outdoor community who are often located away from the city centres in the outer suburbs; and across rural Australia”. He continues “the recent rollout of the NBN network has led to the rise in internet accessibility for the hunting and outdoor community. As a result, we decided to leverage this opportunity by bringing the performance hunting apparel shop to the customer whilst ensuring transactions are processed safely and securely via an encrypted payment facility”.

Lamellar’s strategy to enhance the hunting and outdoor customer experience extends to its delivery and after-sales service commitment. Tom Chan comments “we believe the transaction is only the beginning to a long term customer relationship, therefore we developed and implemented a return and an exchange policy from a customer’s viewpoint”.

He continues ”our policy allows customers to return or exchange a product within a specified period not only if the size does not fit, or the camo pattern or colour is not well suited to their hunting environment but Lamellar will honour a return or an exchange even if the customer simply decided to change their mind. We believe this after-sales service is crucial for our customer’s peace of mind and confidence when shopping with Lamellar”.

Furthermore, Lamellar’s online retail platform offers a number of secure payment options for Australian customers during the checkout process. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and PayPal. Lamellar’s shipping and delivery policy provides customers with free delivery to any location in Australia for orders valued over $100.

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Tom Chan concludes “with greater internet accessibility from the hunting and outdoor enthusiast market and with the expansion and efficiency improvements across Australia’s logistics network, we believe it is the perfect time to be a part of Australia’s online retail growth story with the launch of Lamellar’s online retail shop”.

About Lamellar

Driven by our overarching mission to eliminate restrictions and improve the experience of enthusiastic hunters, Lamellar is devoted and committed to a passion. The passion is for purity in design; excellence in manufacturing; and innovation in fabric and material development. Because this passion is embedded in our culture, we develop and offer the best possible – fit-for-purpose, high quality gear for the serious hunter.

Since 2008, Lamellar has proven to deliver high quality, functional, technically focused outdoor clothing and accessories; that is specialised to meet the distinctive needs of the active hunting community, at a competitive price.

Our ability to do this is built on our expertise – in performance-based apparel – and on our experience – in the design, manufacture and delivery of world-class technical garments for leading outerwear brands from across the globe.

For more information on Lamellar Pty Ltd or Lamellar products, please visit our website at or contact us via email at To browse and shop at Lamellar’s online retail shop, please visit To view Lamellar’s return, refund, exchange or shipping policy, please visit