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Lamellar’s oZ terrain jacket has been designed for all round comfort and versatility. It features two hand warmer pockets and a chin protector for added security. With a stitch-less top shoulder design you can be certain that Lamellar’s oZ terrain jacket will keep you dry as water will not penetrate through the most vulnerable area to rain. Furthermore, by incorporating the ProACT soft shell fabric and ContraCAM camo pattern, the oZ terrain jacket means that you will be silent and deadly while hunting in the Australian outdoors.

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Product Description

The oZterrain jacket incorporates the ProACT Micro Shell fabric and ContraCAM camo pattern, so you can be certain that you will remain silent and deadly while hunting in the Australian outdoors.



  • Entry level hunting and outdoor jacket
  • Weatherless pocket zippers
  • Chin protector
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Silent
  • Durable ProACT Micro Shell fabric technology
  • ContraCAM pattern – incorporating the ‘orange visibility leaves’ for safety (R licence friendly)
  • Shooting license and permission display holder

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ProACT Microshell




ContraCAM, ContraCAM Fade


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Lamellar’s size logic system is designed to deliver optimum functionality and mobility performance specifically for strenuous hunting activities. From the core layer through to the outer layer, each garment is electronically patterned and graded against Lamellar’s static body measurement chart.

In laymen terms, this means that a thermal will fit nice and snug while retaining its heat retention and sweat wicking performance capabilities while an outer wear jacket and trouser will fit to form as a protective barrier shell while promoting freedom of movement in the most demanding hunting situations

Size Chart

Size Chart