Xplorer Button Shirt


A versatile garment for the warm or cool climate hunting adventurer, the Xplorer shirt is a soft, lightweight safari-style shirt, incorporating the functional benefits often associated with active sporting apparel. It features numerous pockets, as demanded by any hunting enthusiast, and is developed using an extra durable finish to last through the rough and rugged grinds associated with moving through the Australian bush.

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Product Description

EcoACT fabric is made from Bamboo charcoal technology and carries many unique functional properties. It has evolved into a versatile technology that can be applied to a variety of fabric finishes, from light weight, soft feel fabrics through to heavier weight and more durable finishes. Read More.

Xplorer-Button-Shirt Features


  • Lightweight
  • Wicking ability
  • Articulated elbows
  • Stretchable
  • Odour resistant properties
  • Harmful UV protection
  • Ecologically friendly

Additional Information


ContraCAM Fade, Olive Drab Green


43% EcoACT Bamboo Charcoal / 57% Polyester




S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

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Lamellar’s size logic system is designed to deliver optimum functionality and mobility performance specifically for strenuous hunting activities. From the core layer through to the outer layer, each garment is electronically patterned and graded against Lamellar’s static body measurement chart.

In laymen terms, this means that a thermal will fit nice and snug while retaining its heat retention and sweat wicking performance capabilities while an outer wear jacket and trouser will fit to form as a protective barrier shell while promoting freedom of movement in the most demanding hunting situations

Size Chart

Size Chart