ContraCAM Camouflage

ContraCAM camouflage

Lamellar’s versatile and effective ContraCAM camouflage pattern is designed from true HD photographs from the inner NSW regions of Australia. It features a variety of leaves, tree’s, branches and plant species unique to Australia to ensure that you’re concealed with maximum effectiveness required to hunt with confidence.

With a dense bush background setting and seasoned coloured finish, the ContraCAM camo pattern is designed for maximum concealment effectiveness in:

  • Dense bushland regions
  • Victorian, Tasmanian and dense NSW regions
  • State forests and public hunting environments


  • Purposely built for the Australian environment – designed using only Australian leaves, tree trunks, branches and plant species.
  • ContraCAM camo series will keep you SAFE – incorporated into the ContraCAM camo series pattern is the orange visibility leaves to identify you from fellow hunters.
  • 3D camouflage blend – enhanced with 3D digital imaging effects to deceive your favourite game animal and to achieve the most effective camouflage realism.
  • Invisible to Australia – ContraCAM camo series has been digitally colour matched with actual Australian plant species for maximum effectiveness.
  • High quality printing process – ContraCAM camo series utilises HD fabric printing technology for all ContraCAM products.
  • Supporting Australia – Designed and owned by a 100% Australian company, Lamellar.