ProACT Micro Shell and ProACT Soft Shell fabric has been designed for maximum comfort and protection against the outdoor conditions of Australia. Whether you are hiking in the windy mountain valley to your favorite hunting spot, stalking your target on a cold and rainy day, or sitting in a tree stand in the damp early hours of the morning, you can be certain about one thing

ProACT Micro Shell and Soft Shell fabric will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are like.

ProACT Micro Shell and Soft Shell Fabric’s Technical Features

ProACT Micro Shell and Soft Shell fabric technology has been developed by selecting two layers of high performance textiles suitable for hunting in Australia and laminating a special purpose membrane film in between the outer and inner lining layer fabric which is sealed for maximum performance.

ProACT Fabric Technology

ProACT Fabric Technology

Three Layer Protection

  • Membrane – the special purpose membrane film is the heart of ProACT’ fabric technology. It is made up of microscopic pores which are naked to the human eye. These pores are so small that water droplets cannot penetrate the membrane layer, but they are large enough for water vapour molecules to evaporate from the inside of the membrane. This means that ProACT fabric will protect you from rainy conditions, while remaining comfortable by allowing your body heat to breathe out of your ProACT fabric garment.
  • Laminate – a specially formulated laminating substance is used to bond the three layers of ProACT fabric. It ensures high quality construction and extra strong bonding of the membrane film to the outer and inner layer fabrics for enhanced durability of your ProACT fabric garment.
  • Outer and inner layer – ProACT fabric uses a specially selected weight of brushed and unbrushed performance fleece material for the inner and outer layers of the fabric. The weight of the outer and inner performance fleece will vary depending on the season that your ProACT clothing is intended for.