Lamellar 12 Month Warranty


We guarantee our products for maximum durability and strength for your hunting and outdoor gear.

Our products are built to withstand the forces of nature and we guarantee it. We offer all of our customers 12 months warranty on the durability of your Lamellar clothing. So don’t be shy with your Lamellar products and put it through thorn bushes and rough and rugged surfaces to test it out. If it rips and tears, we will repair it free of charge.

* Terms and Conditions Apply

Lamellar 12 Month Quality Guarantee

 Lamellar Guarantee

We guarantee the quality workmanship for your hunting and outdoor adventures.

All Lamellar products have a 12 month guarantee to ensure that your Lamellar gear is free from manufacturing faults and defects from the date of purchase. If you discover any faults, defects or construction issues within the first 12 months of purchase, we will repair it or replace it for free.

* Terms and Conditions Apply